About us

Strictly KPOP was founded to offer a physical platform for a small K-pop fan base back in 2013, starting as a small voluntary organization. At the time, there was no physical place where K-pop fans could share their passion for K-pop and Korean culture. More recently, Strictly KPOP has evolved into a well established name in the K-pop scene in the Benelux and has become market leader in K-pop event planning in this region.

Strictly KPOP hosted the after party for the most notable artists of the K-pop industry, such as G-dragon and K.A.R.D. Over time, we have struck partnerships with major South Korean organizations, conglomerates and brands, such as The South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cass Beer, Chung Jung One and Interburgo B.V. For more information about partnerships and collaborations, feel free to contact us anytime.

Our partners and sponsors

We perceive that K-pop culture and lifestyle can be vehicle to popularize other areas of South Korean culture, cuisine and commodities. Since 2014, we have noticed a demand by different South Korean institutions and companies to reach European teenage and adolescent audiences trough the use of K-pop culture. With Strictly KPOP, we aim to be the bridge between these institutions and K-pop audiences. We offer assistance to these parties with public relations, marketing, event planning activities in the European region.

For example, for CASS beer, a subsidiary Anheuser-Busch InBev, we connected their brand name to our Strictly KPOP brand and our events. In doing so, the formerly unknown brand has gotten considerable offline and online exposure in the Netherlands. As a result, this beer has gained considerable brand recognition and brand loyalty among Dutch K-pop fans.

Striclty KPOP has worked  with multiple other notable clients, such as the The Ministry of Foreign of Affairs of the republic of South Korea (MOFA), Interburgo B.V., Chung Jung One, Bap Boss and HeyHallyu.

Our Partners